If you read and re-read them, anxiety level reduces, restores normal and sound sleep. The main thing is to follow recommendation of the author: do not rush to identify yourself with characters and consciously look at yourself and your life from a new angle – everything bad that happens to you is a circumstance of dependence on a particular emotion. Thus, dependence on the emotion is the cause of our misfortunes. If something emotionally affects you while reading books, look into what emotion is there and what is behind it: desire to know yourself better or you are just looking for someone responsible for your unhappy life. This is a test to see what emotion became dominant and needed, since it emerges during such a safe and relaxing pastime as reading.

Why illnesses are common in our life? Why physical body ages so quickly? Why EMOTION of FEAR became leading emotion in a human behavior? What spiritual and emotional laws are in charge of our behaviour and thought process? Whether it is necessary to divide emotions into positive and negative? Where does emotional efficiency, determined by nature come to an end and turns to become ill-disposed towards a man himself and those around him? What is a stress at spiritual and emotional level? How did offense seize the power over mind? Why is relationship between men and women becoming more irreconcilable? Why children do not respect their parents and parents are afraid of children? Why does emotion always run ahead of a thought, making us do wrong and then justify it? Do we have a chance to transform our mind, when not offense and revenge will have control over it, but the logic of forgiveness and health? What can STOP the power of emotion of fear? What is "the medical concept of life" and how does it make us dependent on incompetent professionals? Why medicine will never cure us 100%? How to get back to a state of true reason which enables to make right decisions and opens the door to success and health?

You will find answers to these and other questions in Mikhail Lezhepokov's books and CDs. His method is patented in Russia and Europe. It has helped many people in different countries to think a way out of difficult life situations, to restore health, to re-establish family relationships and to solve material problems.